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News and events

Phu Long Commune’s Festival – Exclusive Cultural Beauty Cat Hai province (Hai Phong)

07. 02. 2014 News and events

Phu Long commune’s festival in Cat Hai province, Hai Phong city is held annually in the rainy season, from 10/06 to 13/06 in the lunar calendar, to show their gratitude to the Tutelary deity and venerable ancestors of Phu Long commune. This year, 2013, the festival is also a meaningful activities to celebrate the National Tourism Year – Red River Delta – Hai Phong 2013.

On the first day of the festival, there are traditional games such as tug of war, cockfighting, fishnet making, and the square cake wrapping competition, with the participation of 4 teams from the Outer village, Northern village, Southern village and Ao Coi village.


Square cake wrapping competition

Fishnet making competition

Dragon boat racing competition

On the second day, the main day, the Te Nam, Te Nu, and Long Dinh solemn palanquin processions are the three important activities that take place. From the early morning, despite heavy precipitation, all villagers showed up very early to be ready for the procession. The procession team involved senior villagers wearing ritual costumes, a group of males carrying the palanquin, and teenagers holding flags. The procession team went around the village and came back to the yard of the communal house in order to carry out rituals by the Te Nam and Te Nu teams. In the afternoon, the dragon boat racing competition took place, involving 8 team including both males and females. Boat racing is an important annual activity in Phu Long commune’s festival, used to wish for good crops and weather and to show the strong ambition of coastal people to conquer the ocean. This was an opportunity for villagers to communicate and share sailing experiences with each other, as well as to improve their strength, endurance, and resilience.

Palanquin procession 

On the third day, the festival continued with a series of outdoor activities for visitors and ancestor worship for villagers. Mrs Oanh, from Northern village, owner of a small bar near the communal house shared: “In the past, the scale of the festival was not as big as it is now. In recent years, the communal house has been reinforced and people earn more money so that we can hold the event at a bigger scale, attract more visitors to come, and improve businesses, including mine.” According to Mr.Tiep, Vice-President of Phu Long commune and chief organizer of Phu Long commune’s festival, the history of the festival is always related to the development of livelihoods for the people. He said: “In the war time, the festival was not organized. It was only later, in the last 6 years, that we have successfully recovered this valuable traditional activity. People in Phu Long village became wealthier, and do not have the same difficulties as in the past. We are now able to finance well and organize big events like this to attract tourism from many regions.”

Entertainment activities

On the last day of the festival, Phu Long villagers went back to their daily work of fishing, and brought along new hopes and belief. Visitors finished their unforgettable tour with great memories and deep insight into ancient historical values of Phu Long commune. Last but not least, the Blue Lighthouse volunteer group from MCD would like to express our gratitude to the people of Phu Long commune for welcoming us and sharing difficulties when we are carrying out practical projects. These projects contribute to the development of economy and environment protection, and we hope to see these friendly people in Phu Long Commune’s 2014 Festival.

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