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IUCN Asia Regional Members Committee Meeting – updating regional activities and planning for the next

13. 01. 2024 News and events

The IUCN Vietnam National Members Committee Chair, MCD Standing Deputy Director, Ms. Ho Thi Yen Thu attended the 2024 IUCN Asia Regional Members Committee Meeting, which was just organized in Haikou, Hainan, China. The Meeting was taken place during 9-10 January 2024, hosted by Forestry Department of Hainan province and Biodiversity Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China. The Meeting attracted more than 40 participants from 14 IUCN National Members Committees of Asia Region, a number of IUCN Commissions, the IUCN HQ and Asia Regional Offices, and the related agencies and organizations from the host country.

The opening session accommodated speeches and remarks from Prof. Ma Keping- Chair of IUCN Asia Regional Members Committee, Mrs. Jiang Xiaohong- Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department of China’s Ministry of Natural Resources, Mr. Liu Zhaozun- Director General of Forestry Department of Hainan province, and Dr. Dindo Campilan- IUCN Regional Director Asia and Hub Director for Oceania.

Photo: The Meeting in the opening session

The Meeting included the following key contents (i) IUCN Asia Regional Programme Agenda and Strategy Towards RCF 2024 and WCC 2025; (ii) reports from 14 IUCN National Members Committees and Member Representatives from the countries in Asia including Vietnam; (iii) presentations from representatives of IUCN Commissions on Education and Communications, Environmental Economic and Social Policy, Ecosystem Management, Species Survival, Protected Areas, World Natural Heritage, and a presentation on Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework priorities. The Meeting participants also discussed on promoting the IUCN membership in the Asia region and the prioritized actions for enhancing the support and linkage from the IUCN offices as Secretariats to the Members/National Members Committees.

Photo: Ms. Ho Thi Yen Thu, IUCN Vietnam NC Chair delivering the NC report

At the Meeting, the participants agreed upon a number of key action items (a) country reports in future ARMC meetings must consolidate and cover inputs from Members/NCs, Commissions, and Secretariat; (b) prepare and share a summary of NCs with comparative analysis of organizational and operational characteristics, including links to Commissions and Secretariat; (c) explore and mobilize expertise/resource support to requests from NCs/Members for policy engagement and influence.

The Meeting delegates also participated in a field trip to Haikou Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park, visited Yinggeling Nature Museum, and interacted with the rangers and local communities.

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