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News and events

Clean River, Blue Sea

27. 12. 2023 News and events

Do you know? Plastic waste pollution is one of the most serious problems of the marine environment. Most marine plastic waste originates from land-based sources, when improperly disposed of or ineffectively managed, waste can leak into waterways, rivers, streams, canals, and flow to the sea.

What are the solutions for that problem?

With MCD, in recent years, we and our colleagues have researched, tested and applied an initiative in the Red river delta, and are very proud to have achieved certain successes.

What initiative is that? How was it implemented? What impacts did that initiative have on the environment and community? What contribution did it make to reducing marine plastic waste?

Please click on the link or YouTube screen below, and join us to get the answers.

MCD hereby shares the documentary film “Clean River, Blue Sea” as our little gift with the best wishes from MCD to you for happy and successful new year 2024!


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