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Call for an evaluation team

02. 02. 2015 Jobs

MCD and Oxfam are looking for an independent evaluation team to evaluate the “Partnership for improved climate resilience of Biosphere Reserves and Marine Protected Areas in Vietnam” (PBM) project’s performance and impact. Attached is the Call for Independent evaluator(s) and detailed TOR for further information.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit a proposal, which should include:

–      CVs of the evaluators.

–      Technical and financial proposals for undertaking the attached TOR, including the methodology for conducting the evaluation, such as what documents to be reviewed, what indicators to be used to address the evaluation issues and questions, what information and data to be collected and how to collect, and how much the works cost, including the consultant fee and time.

Deadline for submission: by 17.00 February 28, 2015.

Sent to: hoanganh@mcdvn.azurewebsites.net and HangThu.Vu@oxfamnovib.nl

For more detailed information, please refer to: TOR and Call for an evaluation team for PBM project

The successful proposal will be selected on a competitive basis, with considerations on quality of the technical proposal and the cost-effectiveness of the financial proposal.

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