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MCD 70


06. 11. 2020 MCD 70

Are you residing and working in Nam Dinh? Or are you a native of Nam Dinh, even though living far away, always wishing to contribute to your homeland? Or are you simply enamored with the areas where estuaries debouch into the oceans?

You will be doubtlessly proud to know that Nam Dinh is a paragon of the Red River Delta, with a coastline of 72 km and 4 spectacular river mouths: Ba Lat Mouth of the Red River, Day Mouth of the Day River, Lach Giang Mouth of Ninh Co River and Ha Lan Mouth of the So River. Xuan Thuy National Park with vast mangrove forests, home to a multitude of migratory birds, has been capturing domestic and international interest as well as playing an essential role in the local wetland ecosystems. Nevertheless, Nam Dinh, along with other provinces, is now facing environmental pollution, especially plastic pollution. Low public awareness and lack of knowledge about waste pollution has induced ill-advised practices like river and ocean dumping. The collection, classification and treatment of riverine and marine litters are in a critical need of specific and practical innovations.

Either as an individual or a group, join and help us spread the words about our contest: “Clean River – Blue Sea”

The contest “Clean River – Blue Sea” is organized by MCD and its partners to enhance the community’s attention to the issue of river-to-ocean flowing of plastic and solid waste. This is a golden chance for acknowledging and promoting good practices for environment protection, as well as for publicizing initiatives for  improving the collection, classification, treatment of solid waste and reduction of wastes transmitted from rivers to oceans.  Thereby, the contest contributes to more effective solid waste management and reduction of plastics waste pollution in the waterways and marine environment of Nam Dinh province., a key area in the interprovincial UNESCO-recognized Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve.

The contest format includes online participation in the first two rounds and pitching presentation in the final round.

The awards include:

01 First Prize: 5 million VND in cash + in-kind gift

05 Second Prizes: 3 million VND in cash/prize + in-kind gift

04 Third Prizes: 2 million VND in cash/prize + in-kind gift

01 Extra Prize: 1 million VND in cash/prize + in-kind gift

Eligible entries will be published on the official media channels of the contest.

+ Online preliminary round: November 2nd, 2020 – November 22nd, 2020

+ Online interaction round: November 23rd, 2020 to November 29th, 2020

+ Final round, closing ceremony and award ceremony: December 3rd & 4th, 2020

Registration information for the contest “Clean River – Blue Sea”

➤ Registration link: https://bit.ly/songsachbienxanh

➤ Contest rules: http://bit.ly/Cleanriverbluesea_Rules

➤ Submission deadline: From November 2, 2020 to November 22, 2020

#MCD #USAID #NAMDINH #CleanRiverBlueSea

Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD)is a Vietnamese NGO pioneering marine ecosystem conservation, striving for a sustainable coastal zone of Vietnam with healthy ecosystems and good quality of life for its coastal communities, especially the most vulnerable.Website: http://mcdvietnam.org

Email: mcd@mcdvietnam.org

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