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24. 03. 2021 News and events

In the first week of March, from the 4th to the 6th of March 2021, the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) organized a dialogue and two training programs on sustainable shrimp farming techniques in compliance with standards in Ca Mau province to disseminate knowledge about standards, linking processes as well as strengthening practical techniques for producers.

The opening activity was the “Dialogue on sharing expansion plan of the rice-shrimp farming area in compliance with international standards in Thoi Binh district”. The program was attended by 22 representatives from Thoi Binh People’s Committee, Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sub-Department of Fisheries in Ca Mau, Ca Mau Agricultural Extension Center, the People Committee of Tri Luc, Tri Phai and Bien Bach Dong communes, representatives of rice shrimp farming associations and groups in Thoi Binh district, Minh Phu Social Enterprise and MCD. The delegates discussed opportunities and worked together to overcome challenges in improving the outreach efforts to raise the awareness and commitment of the community toward building and practicing organic rice shrimp model.

The cooperation model in establishing rice-shrimp farming areas according to the requirements of international standard certification in Tri Luc commune has been analyzed and discussed. The participants agreed on the expansion of rice shrimp farming area in Thoi Binh district in order to achieve ASC certification, to practice production associated with environmental protection and to promoting trust from consumers on their certified products.

Figure 1.   At the dialogue in Thoi Binh District

Following the dialogue, at The People’s Committee of Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, the “Technical training on shrimp farming according to standards in Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District” was organized by MCD in cooperation with the local governmental agency and Minh Phu Social Enterprise. There was 27 representatives attended the activity from Dat Mui shrimp farming households, Minh Phu and MCD. The requirements and duties of businesses and the households in Dat Mui (Ngoc Hien) in the process of forming and maintaining linkages was shared within the training. In addition, knowledge and benefits of practicing farming practice following standard requirements were also mentioned, especially on recording and maintaining logbooks, timing and methods used for improving pond quality. Along with that, the importance of protecting ecological environment, wild species, species in the Red List as well as the use of appropriate bio-products according to the standards when renovating the pond were made clear to the participants.

Figure 2. Technical training session for shrimp farmers in Dat Mui, Ngoc Hien District

Last but not least, the “Technical guidance on the standard practice for middlemen in Tri Luc Commune, Thoi Binh District” was held with the participation of 16 people including middlemen buying shrimp in Thoi Binh district, MCD and experts. During the session, the process and techniques in purchasing, preserving and transporting shrimp from a farm to the factory for traders as stated in the standard was disseminated and re-systemized. The implementation of technical instructions for purchasing, preserving and transporting were strongly emphasized. Especially, attention was made to terms of keeping business licenses, documents, invoices as well as strengthening of commitment to standards, frequent contact and cooperation with people in the purchasing process.

Figure 3. MCD senior staff introduced the importance and benefits of practices on standards in Tri Luc commune, Thoi Binh district

MCD made great efforts on promoting dialogue and training in the farming area to strengthen the sustainable practice of shrimp-rice as demonstrated in the standards. After the trainings, farmers and traders have improved their knowledge and skills to effectively participating in the supply linkages.

In addition, the commitment to cooperation between shrimp farmers and purchasing companies were strengthened, by which support the expansion of responsible shrimp farming model associated with environmental protection that oriented to the social welfare of workers and the development of cooperative groups.

The activity is under the project “Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in Southeast Asia” – GRAISEA 2 that is implemented by MCD in cooperation with partners in Ca Mau with the support of OXFAM. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of small-scale producers, especially women, to have equal opportunities and benefits, and support enterprises to increase their business efficiency in applying and implementing the social responsibility standards in the shrimp value chain adapting to climate change.

Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization pioneering in the field of marine and coastal environmental protection and ecosystem conservation, striving for the coastal areas of Vietnam with a clean and safe environment, sustainable marine ecosystems, and good quality of life for coastal communities.

Web: http://mcdvietnam.org

Email: mcd@mcdvietnam.org

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