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Looking for a team: Documentary film on “The Enabling boat” project

07. 11. 2017 Jobs

MCD is looking for a team to complete a documentary film on “The Enabling boat” project funded by Microsoft Philanthropies. The detail is here.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit a proposal in Vietnamese, which should include:

–       Initial ideas for script, methodology and plan, and CV of personnel involved in the production

–       Proposed budget related to the production

–       Link to samples of similar production that the consultant/consultancy team produced.

Deadline for submission: by 24.00 November 12, 2017.

Sent to: admin@mcdvn.azurewebsites.net with a title “MCD66 – a project documentary film proposal”.

The successful proposal will be selected on a competitive basis, with considerations on quality of the technical proposal and the cost-effectiveness of the financial proposal.

Refer to details at www.mcdvietnam.org

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